Thursday, March 03, 2005

Before Going to Break

I'm on break now for the next two weeks, so I will be back in Mamaroneck by the weekend, and the kicking of it will begin. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do over this break, hopefully go to the Doves concert if I can get tickets, see Joss Whedon if I can get in, not sure what else, but I'm sure things will come up. I've got a bunch of movies on hold, some vintage, some foreign stuff and even some recent American films, so much variety.

It's been a really good half a semester, but more notably, a really fast one. The weeks go by really quickly, and then the weekends are just gone in a long indiscriminate period of leisure broken only by sleep. Reading Promethea was one of the highlights. The best movie I saw since getting back was Infernal Affairs, as well as its nearly equally brilliant sequel, Infernal Affairs II: The Legend. I'm taking the course on action movies, so I know a little something, and these two were phenomenal action films.

I'm looking forward to the Scorcese remake, called The Departed. I doubt it will top the original, but it's such a great premise, I'd love to see a master like Scorcese riff on it with a cast that includes Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio and best of all, Jack Nicholson.

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