Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Counting down to Revenge of the Sith

Well, I'm not 34 hours away from the start of Revenge of the Sith. I've been very pleased by the advance reviews. The New York Times called it better than the original Star Wars, and general consesus seems to be that it's the third best film of the saga.

Now, it annoys me that people crack on Return of the Jedi so much. If you can get past the ewoks, which aren't great, but also aren't that bad, you've got the best space battle ever put on film. The assault on the death star is absoultely awe inspiring. To think that all those things in the frame are models, it's a huge leap from the already excellent battle in Episode IV. And Jedi also has the best lightsaber duel of the series. The emotional tension in the Luke/Vader/Emperor scenes is huge, culminating in the great scene when Luke chops off Vader's hand. The score in those scenes is the best in the trilogy, and visually it's gorgeous.

So, don't hate on Jedi. That said, I'm glad to see that people like the new film more than it. While I like the prequels more than most people, I recognize their flaws, and I feel like this film is going to be the one that feels the most Star Wars. It's been such a long wait, it's almost hard to believe that I'll actually be seeing the movie in two days.

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