Saturday, July 02, 2005


It's been a bit of a slow start today, I've pretty much just been sitting around watching the Live8 conecrt event on AOL streaming media. The coverage of this event is really embelmatic of the changes going on in the way big events are covered by the media. I started watching the London conecert on TV, and they show U2 and Paul McCartney play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band then cut away to Will Smith just as U2's set wsa about to start. So, I hopped online and got the London stream, where I was able to watch the U2 set. The TV coverage throughout the day is apalling, there's so many commercials and prepackaged segments, you barely see any of the music. But online has been great, I've seen The Who, Jay-Z, Brian Wilson, a-ha and a whole bunch of other acts.

But the whole reason I'm watching is for the reunited Pink Floyd, who are going on in about ten minutes. I'll be back with a report then, I never thought I'd see the real Pink Floyd perform togethere, but it's happened, and hopefully this'll lead to a tour or at least a few NYC gigs I can get to.

UPDATE: Well, I saw the performance and it was quite amazing. They sounded just like the album, but with enough interesting instrumental variations to make it a cool live experience. One thing that surprised me was just how good Gilmour is on the guitar, the solos on the record are unparalleled, so good that I couldn't imagine them being replicated, but he comes out and drops Comfortably Numb. Great stuff, and besides the songs, it was nice to see Roger reach out to Gilmour at the end. I don't know if there ever will be any sort of follow up tour, if there's not, this is an amazing way to go out, and for Floyd fans, this gig is going to be on the level of the rooftop Beatles farewell.

Coming soon on the blog, I'll hopefully get Six Feet Under episodes 3 and 4 soon, so I can review those. Also, I just saw Once Upon a Time in the West which rocked so damn hard, more on that tomorrow.

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