Thursday, June 01, 2006

Upcoming Dates of Note

6/2 - Super Furry Animals at South Street Seaport
6/4 - The Sopranos Season Finale
6/9 - North at Delancey
6/10-6/11 - Promoting Division Shadow at MoCCA
6/17 - Shooting a Music Video for Victoria Rocks
7/4 - Belle and Sebastian at Battery Park
7/7 - A Scanner Darkly released
7/21 - Clerks II released
7/22 - Elysian Fields at Joe's Pub
7/28 - Miami Vice released
8/8 - Manderlay on DVD

And the biggest date of note in the near future is:

10/13 - The Fountain and Marie Antoinette released

This presents a conundrum for me, namely which film do I see first, and how long does it need to sit before I can see the next one. I'll probably do The Fountain on the Friday and Marie Antoinette on the Saturday, that's going to be one ridiculous weekend for cinema.

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