Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend Update

Back to School

Tomorrow I'm pulling a Rodney Dangerfield and heading back up to school. What does this mean for the future of my web endeavors? Well, for one I'll have a lot more free time to watch movies, and hopefully I'll see a lot of stuff worth writing about. I'll be back on Netflix, so some eclectic stuff will be coming in. While up at school, I'll also be shooting more of All Good Things, as well as kicking off my thesis film. So, it should be a productive time. I've been working all the time this summer so it'll be good to return to the freedom of college.

Veronica Mars

I finished up Veronica Mars season two. I'm planning on doing a review of the whole season soon, but as with Carnivale, this may end up not happening. I had a bunch of issues with the end of the season, a lot of those inherent to the structure of a season long mystery. If you've had twenty-two episodes of buildup, any reveal is going to be a bit disappointing, and in this case, there were so many red herrings, there were a whole bunch of people who could have easily done it. However, the actual episode to episode work on the show was a big improvement over season one and I'll be glad to make a Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars double feature this season. And side note, I think Lauren Graham on a Sorkin show, guest hosting Studio 60, is brilliant.

Future Plans

With Veronica Mars done, I'm looking to start up a new series. I'll probably Netflix the first discs of Rome and Deadwood, then see what catches my fancy. I'm also planning on watching Babylon 5 soon, though the awful reputation of the first season is not encouraging me. In terms of comics, after I wrap up JLA, I'm planning on doing an in depth reread of From Hell. I first read the book back in May 2003, here's my reaction from back then, and with nearly three and a half years gone, I think it's time to return.

Upcoming Dates of Note
9/22 - Science of Sleep Releated
9/24 - The Flaming Lips at Hammerstein
10/8 - Inland Empire at NYFF
10/20 - Marie Antoinette Released
10/25 - Seven Soldiers #1 Released
11/22 - The Fountain Released

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