Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Update

Future of the Blog

So, you may have noticed that The Invisibles is pretty much overwhelming the blog. That's due to the fact that the end of Volume II is just so good, I read the issues quickly and had to spend all my blogging time writing them up to keep up. But, I'm ten issues from the end of the series, and that will finally mark a return to normalcy for the blog. I'll be wrapping up Crusade as well, so the two properties that have consumed this site in 2007 will be over and we'll be back to more general stuff. To be honest, I haven't seen many film worth writing about, not in the theater, not on DVD, but perhaps that will change soon. Also, I'll be back in New York full time at the end of this month, and I'll be working in the city, so I'll be hitting up a lot of concerts and new films. So, we'll be on it as it happens, whatever it happens to be.

Upcoming Concerts

I'm heading into New York next Monday, and while there I'm going to tie in the Arcade Fire and The National show. I've been a big Arcade Fire fan since 2004, and I was angry I didn't get to see the now legendary Summerstage show with David Bowie because I was up at school. But, I'll finally get to see them on Monday. Of the top five bands I want to see live, but haven't seen, they'd be near the top of the list. Others include Sigur Ros, Daft Punk, Radiohead and United State of Electronica. I'll be seeing Daft Punk later this summer, and hopefully the others will circulate through soon. Later this month, I'll be going to a ridiculous week of concerts.

On May 30, I'm hoping to grab some cheap Craigslist tickets to Roger Waters at Madison Square Garden. It's not a full on Pink Floyd show, but probably as close as I'll get. I hate going to shows at a big venue like that, but I heard good things about his show the first time through here. Then on May 31, I'll be seeing !!! down in Brooklyn, followed up by another discopunk assault from Cansei de Ser Sexy the very next day. I may also see The Pipettes on June 5th, we'll see. Regardless, it'll be awesome to work in the city and easily be able to get to these shows.

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