Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saving John From Cincinnati

I don't think it's too likely to happen, but I just wanted to throw a link over to the DumpOut Weekend, an effort to save the series from cancellation, or at least promote it to people who haven't seen it. As you've probably gathered from the blogging here, I love the show, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a look to anyone who hasn't seen it. And, as this letter from Jim Beaver makes clear, Milch did not abandon Deadwood to make the show, he wanted to do both, but Deadwood was cancelled and could not be saved despite his best efforts. So, don't blame the show for Deadwood's death, just be happy that both shows had the chance to exist. I'm still working my way through Deadwood's second season and while I really like the show, it's nowhere near JFC for me. But, I'd still love to see those movies, and hope they turn up eventually.

Anyway, here's the info:

There are so many great ideas out there about what to do to show HBO that we want another season of JFC. So no matter what you choose to do, or where, let's all do SOMETHING between Friday August 31- Tuesday Sept 4.

Postcards, teddy bears, 1's and 0's (paper, house numbers, etc.), petitions, letters, phone calls, protests, sit-ins, monad posters, fliers, billboards... whatever, all during the same period of time.

And advertise what you are doing... Call your local papers and news stations and let them know about your Dumping-Out BBQ in the parking lot; your best John Monad impersonator contest, your Monad teddy bears for needy children... you get the idea...


And please, let's be visible but kind. Some things I know... Save John From Cincinnati

From: Postcard Campaign

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SaveJFC said...

The many friends of "John From Cincinnati" have joined together at and have just purchased a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter. You can see the ad and the video at:

Thanks for your support!