Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New York Comicon This Weekend!

This weekend, I’m taking my first day off from work since August to attend the New York Comicon on Friday and Saturday. I was at school when this happened last year, the last con I went to was at Madison Square Garden back in 2003, and it sounds like that pales in comparison to what’s going on here. The guest list is ridiculous, virtually every major comic book writer is making an appearance, and a huge amount of artists will be around as well, a lot of people I’d love to meet. So, I’m pretty excited, the major issue for me now is figuring out which of the panels I’ll actually be able to get to.

Obviously, I’m hoping to check out a bunch of the panels with Grant Morrison. I’ve seen him speak a couple of times, and it’s always fun. Final Crisis is sounding more and more intriguing, and it looks like we’ll get the announcement of some new creator owned projects as well, so it’ll be a great time. All Star Superman has been fantastic, but Grant’s been in a bit of a lull since Seven Soldiers ended. Hopefully the new creator owned stuff will be just as good as the wave of We3 and Seaguy.

I’m also hoping to check out the X-Files 2 panel, and see what Chris Carter has to say. And, I feel like I should see at least one panel with Stan Lee, and some of the other old timers at the con, since it’s not likely they’ll be doing many more cons. It’s crazy to think that the people who created comics as we know it are still alive and will be at this con.

I’ve got to go through all the panels and set out some kind of plan, but I’ll probably spend most of my time just wandering around, talking with the artists and meeting some people I know from the online world. If nothing else, I’ve got to get an Invisibles sketch from Chris Weston. I’d also love to hunt down a decent copy of Rebuild of Evangelion.

If anyone reading this is going to be attending, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for you. As I said, I won’t be based at a booth or anything, but I’ll be around and am always up for some con-versation. I know a bunch of sci-fi fans in real life, my dad’s seen all of Buffy, Doctor Who, Battlestar, etc., but there’s not too many places where I can get into an in depth discussion of Morrison’s work, or Claremont’s X-Men. And if anywhere’s the place, this will be it.

And, if you’re not going, expect full coverage on the blog. It won’t be the exhaustive kind of stuff you’d get at Newsarama, but you’ll hear what things are like on the ground, and what makes an impact on me.


nicholas reed said...

I'm going on Saturday with a couple of my friends. I plan on attending the Venture Brothers panel, but the rest of the time I'll just be wandering around, talking to artists and writers and such, and trying to get as many people as possible to draw robots in my sketchbook.

RAB said...

Make sure to check the location of the Venture Bros panel early to make sure of getting in. Last year I went to check the room more than an hour before the panel was scheduled to start, and the line was already starting to form! One small benefit of being near the front was getting to chat with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer themselves when they showed up...

Patrick said...

Cool, Nick. I'll keep an eye out for anyone getting robots drawn.