Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New York Comicon 2009

This weekend is one of my personal biggest events of the year, the New York Comicon. In the past, that may have been a nerdy thing to say, and it probably still is, but no shame in that. It’s great to spend a weekend at a place where you can have lengthy conversations about the minutiae of pop culture. Everything once in a while, you just need to be able to discuss the relative merits of the 170s vs. the 220s in Claremont’s X-Men run, or the nature of hypertime and the multiverse.

And, this year, the con won’t just be about wandering around spending money for me, I’ll be based at the Sequart table, where I’ll be promoting my upcoming book Our Sentence is Up, a compilation of all my Invisibles posts from this very blog, all edited and re-worked to be more coherent and better. I spent a ton of time revising it to get a solid draft ready for the con. The book won’t be released until Q3 this year, but I believe that a few copies of the draft version will be available at the booth, with comicon exclusive blank variant cover. Store this one in plastic, it’s putting your kids through college!

So, I’ll be there for most of the time, and floating around between various panels. The guest list is pretty amazing, even with the just dropped news that Grant Morrison wont’ be able to make it. Obviously he was my top guest to see, but Joss Whedon and the many others there will make up for it. I’ve met Whedon before, go here for my classic drunken Joss Whedon story.” I doubt I’ll get the sort of facetime I did then here, what with him likely being mobbed by his fans at all points, but he’s always a fun speaker. There’s a bunch of other interesting panels, the Torchwood one in particular I’m looking forward to.

I did two days at the con last year, and felt like I just barely saw it all, this year I’m doing all three days, but will have more business to do than last year. So, it should fly by. If you’re attending, stop by the Sequart booth, I should be there more often than not.


nicholas reed said...

I might be coming on Sunday, I'll try to stop by and take a look at yr (draft version) book. I will be buying the hell out of it when it's published, no doubt.

I was disappointed when it was announced that Morrison wasn't showing, but I still need to get more completely ridiculous robot sketches from artists I've never heard of, so...

Patrick said...

Yeah, it's definitely disappointing that Morrison isn't there. Last year, I had sort of a mission, to catch all the various Morrison events, and then I drifted around the rest of the time. This year, there's not that focus, it's just hanging out at the table or wandering around.

But, it's still fun, I'm excited about Joss on Sunday, and if you stick around until late, I'm sure you can get some good deals on the "I don't want to take these back to my car" sales.

Definitely stop by the Sequart booth if you make it there. I'll be there for most of the day.