Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Sentence is Up Pre-Order

I haven’t had too much time to post here in a while, things have been a bit crazy on many fronts. But, I should mention that my book about The Invisibles, Our Sentence is Up, is going to be coming out in November and is available for pre-order now through Diamond. Check out the Sequart site for more info on how to order.

If you already read all the blog posts I did here, there’s still plenty worth checking out. The text is revised and expanded, with the most in depth look at the series that I think has ever been conducted. It’s also got a 50+page interview with Morrison himself, that covers all aspects of the series, and its place in both the world of the time and our contemporary world. If you’re wondering how Morrison’s world has changed, and how he feels about The Invisibles in the context of his present life and work, this is the interview for you.

I did an interview with Tim Callahan about the book on Comic Book Resources, which I would highly recommend checking out. It covers the background of the book, but also features a lot of interesting discussion about the series itself.

So, if you liked The Invisibles, check out this book, and please pre-order it from your retailers to support it and get it on shelves. And, if any media people out there are interested in doing an interview, just let me know, I’d be glad to talk to you and answer whatever questions you’ve got.


Bob Temuka said...

Well done, Patrick. I'm looking forward to checking it out, although with some notoriously dodgy distribution for things like this into my corner of the world, I'm not sure when that will be exactly.

But I'm certainly up for it, as I hunger for good writing about The Invisibles and usually come away fairly disappointed. Anarchy For The Masses had some wonderful bits in it, but quickly descended into obvious information dumps and half-arsed reviews. The things you were saying in the CBR interview make Our Sentence Is Up sound like you're avoiding that trap, which has to be good.

Patrick said...

Hopefully the book will make it out your way. Does Diamond distribute worldwide? If not, I'm sure it'll pop up on Amazon at some point.

The central difference between this book and Anarchy for the Masses is that mine is really about analysis of the series, it's about digging into it and pondering on a scene by scene, panel by panel basis what's going on and how everything ties together. Anarchy was very much a general thing, this is a bit more intensive.

So, hopefully you'll get a chance to check it out. I'd love to hear what you've got to say on it if you do.

malpractice said...

ordered mine through DCBS this week. can't wait to read this along with my next re-read of the series.

Patrick said...

Awesome MalPractice, thanks so much!

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Is the book out there in the market already?? Im having a difficult time trying to get a copy.