Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Third Age: Episode Four: 'Cranial Sample' and More Grant Doc

Stay tuned this week on the blog for the first best of the decade lists dropping. Hopefully I'll be able to write up Best of songs, albums, TV episodes, TV shows, Comics and Films for both year and decade before we hit 2010. We shall see.

In the meantime, here's a couple new videos from me and Respect Films.

First up, episode 4 of The Third Age...

In this episode, Jerrod Woolf receives a mysterious message, and Morning begins to recognize her purpose. It's the shift from the show's 'Blue' period to the warmer 'Red' period. What does that mean? Find out for yourself! And, as always your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

And, if you didn't catch it on various outlets around the web, here's the new trailer for my Grant Morrison documentary, now officially titled, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods...

This trailer spotlights the many interesting collaborators and peers of Grant's that we interviewed at San Diego Comicon and elsewhere. This week, I'm off to LA to do a few more interviews for the documentary, then into more serious editing.


suncore598 said...

The fourth episode really has me pump about next episode. I like that the paths of Jerrod, Zinone, and Morning are beginning to cross each other. But I'm curious about who that strange woman is working for and if we'll ever to get meet him or her later this season. And what Jerrod is talking about when he said that shouldn't be there? I continue to love the humor in the scenes between Zinone and his friend and I'm interested in seeing this Holly character that Zinone and Morning are going off to see.

Patrick said...

Awesome, this episode does start to converge the storylines, and we'll see more of that down the line.

In terms of the characters still to be met, Holly gets introduced next episode, and the 'boss' comes in soon as well. T

his episode is where the story starts to shift and get a bit bigger through the introduction of new characters, and by the end of the next few episodes, all the pieces are in place and things really start to move. So stay tuned!