Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Third Age: Episode Eleven: 'A Very Generous Offer'

Check out the latest episode of my psychedelic webseries, The Third Age! With one episode to the finale, Zinone finds himself wondering whether he's a prisoner or a guest at Woolf Pharmaceutical!

In other news, check back later today for a post about the Lost premiere.


suncore598 said...

Manipulation. Manipulation. Manipulation.

Jerrod and Alicia are trying to manipulate Chris into betraying Holly and Morning on the lie they want to keep Morning safe and to help her father. Jerrod may be manipulating Mark but for what reason, I don't know. And Chris, if he does say yes to Jerrod's offer, may use this as an oportunity to play Jerrod and Alicia by making them think he's on their side when in fact he's using them to get close to what they are really up to and free Morning's father from confinement.
Will either of these manipulations work out in the end, that's the question.

I'm getting a Londo-Vir vibe from Jerrod and Mark. Jerrod plunging further and further into the darkness of Seth and Alicia's web and Jerrod keeping Mark close by so he could act as the voice of his conscience if things go too far. Am I wrong in assuming that?

And I've been having a marathon of Third Ages episodes, watching everything from Fall to Earth to In Exile. I've noticed certain things like your mastery of subtle foreshadowing. Chris's voiceover at the end of the first episode turning out not to be a
voiceover but a vocal clip of the story he was telling Holly about how he found Morning. The opening credits of each episode showing a piece of a clip that occurs within the episode within its lettering as a way of hinting at what's going to happen like the Battlestar Galactica opening credits sequence but less action-packed and less noticeable for any not taking time to look at it. Noticing these things just tells me how much THE MAN you are, Patrick. I can't wait to see the season finale.

And I sent you a message today containing the scripts on the first two episodes of my show idea.

JF said...

This one was good. Any scene with Jerrod and Alicia together is really entertaining. The last one didn't really work for me, mostly because Chris, Holly, and Morning being pursued by the cops wasn't conveyed with enough urgency. And I liked the episode before that.

You've still got me on the hook. Even when a particular episode isn't totally working, the eight minutes tend to feel like four.

Patrick said...

The Londo-Vir vibe wasn't something I consciously was going for, but it's spot on, and fits with how things develop in future stories, at least in some ways. The way I was thinking about it was a kind of King Lear story, where Mark acts as the Fool, the voice of reason that no one really listens to. You'll see more of that in future episodes.

And, I'm glad you noticed all the foreshadowing/echo stuff. In addition to the opening credits stuff, I've tried to use the closing credits images as a kind of foreshadowing of the next episode, more in a mood way than the traditional just teasing what will happen next.

And JF, conveying that cops stuff was a tough thing to do, we put in the shots of cops at the door afterwards to try to raise the tension, it works in some respects, but could have been more. Still, I think you'll be pretty satisfied with the next episode, I'm eager to hear what everyone's got to say.