Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New York Comicon Schedule!

It's been crazy times over here as I get ready for the theatrical release of Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods. The film will be screening nationwide in the next few weeks, here's a brief rundown of the schedule...

New York - October 9th at Cinema Village with Director/Producer Q&A (Ticket Info Here)

New York - October 10th at New York Comicon 20 Minute Film Preview and Director/Producer Q&A

San Francisco - October 8th - October 13 at the Roxie (Buy Tickets Here)

Philadelphia - October 15th with Director/Producer Q&A (Ticket Info Here)

Boston - October 17th with Director/Producer Q&A (Ticket Info Here)

Los Angeles - October 21st with Director/Producer/Special Guest Q&A (Ticket Info Here)

If you're any of those cities, come out and see it and support the film! If you're in New York, go here for a special $20 Screening Ticket/DVD bundle offer.

If you can't make it to the screening, swing by our panel at 12:45 in Room E201. We won't be screening the whole film, but you can get a preview. And, I'll be hanging out at the Sequart booth (#655) all weekend, signing copies of Our Sentence is Up, and the new Minutes to Midnight, an anthology about Watchmen featuring an essay by me.

And if that's not enough, check out the trailer for the second volume of The Third Age!


RAB said...

And one of the books you sign had better be my copy, mister!

suncore598 said...

Thank God! I've been waiting for some footage on Volume 2 of the Third Age since I saw the season finale.

I love the trailer and the woman who plays Morning has a remarkable voice. I had no idea the guy who played Morning's father can play the sax.

Third Age Volume 2 looks like it's really out there. Holly doesn't look so good. Jerrod seems to be losing it more than before. I can't quite put my finger on what's up with Christopher other than he is feeling the weight of what he did to Holly and Morning and that he has a gun for some reason from the clips I've seen. Morning remains an alluring mystery as always and the world of the Third Age seems to going to hell in a handbasket. Patrick, based on the trailer, you were right in saying that Volume 2 would be a differnet beast than Volume 1. I can't wait to watch the premiere.

Also I sent you an email yesterday in case you don't know.

Bones said...

Hey, just preorderd your Morrison DVD and am very excited to finally get to see it. I was just wondering if there will be any bonus features on the DVD and if so what they are? Thanks a lot.

Patrick said...

Richard, I'll sign one for you, no question! What days will you be at NYCC, all three?

And thanks for the good words on T3A Volume II. This is just the surface of a lot of good stuff in there. There's a bunch of material I didn't want to show any of since it would have spoilers.

And, in terms of bonus features, there's an audio commentary with me and producer/DP Jordan Rennert. We were editing the main film down right down to the wire, so there was not much time to get bonus material together.

Jacob said...

Patrick! I just wanted to say that I saw Talking with Gods over the weekend and absolutely loved it. You did real justice to Morrison the man and the icon and without recourse to the kind of heavyhanded directorial silliness that made The Mindscape of Alan Moore a bit embarrassing to sit through.

Hard to believe I started reading this blog to follow your reviews of comic books and Babylon 5 episodes. You've really come a long way.

Patrick said...

Awesome, thanks so much for checking out the film, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's been a wild journey.