Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Update

It's been almost two years since I've posted on this blog, but a rewatch of Evangelion had me looking back through the archive, and reminiscing on regular blogging. I'd love to blog more, but I've luckily been creating more of my own material than writing about others' work. What have I been up to? Here's a brief rundown.

 My biggest project of the past few years was Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, which you can now check out for free on Hulu. I followed that film with Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, now available on DVD and download.

 I'm currently working on a documentary about the founding and history of Image Comics. Image has been dominating the comics marketplace for the past year or so, and it's a pretty crazy story that got them there. It's a really fun project, and should be done early this year.

 I'm also working on a shorter doc about Chris Claremont. It's been a great opportunity to get to speak to him, and once Image is done, I'll kick that one into high gear and get it done.

 I've also just completed a short film starring Brea Grant, called The Viral Man, which I'm currently working on developing into a feature. It's a long ways off, but I've been getting the script into shape and am getting things together to raise some money for it.

 And, the rest of my webseries The Third Age is finally coming out on January 23rd. I re-edited everything from Volume I into director's cut versions, which you can check out below:

 There's a few other big projects that can't be announced yet, but I'm sure they'll be exciting. I'll try to blog here from time to time, but keep an eye on my Twitter (@patrickmeaney) for all the latest updates!


Linda Clark-Borre said...

I just stumbled on your blog looking for good analyses of "Six Feet Under." You're a smart guy; glad to see you are doing well and I wish you the best.

I just didn't want your comments space to be empty. You deserved more.

Invalid ID said...

I recently started reading your blog and thought that your analyses of the Evangelion works were excellent. It's given me a perspective on the series that I've never had before. I'll be glad to see you posting regularly again, especially with Evangelion 3.33 coming out soon.

Patrick said...

I'm very excited for Eva 3.33, will definitely try to put my thoughts up once I have a chance to check it out.

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Sure Patrick we will wait to see your inputs for Eva 3.33
- Vinnie

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