Sunday, August 07, 2005

Six Feet Under: 'Eat a Peach'

Another day, another episode. This was the weakest episode so far, I don't have too much to write about it, watching an episode and reviewing it each day means it's a bit of a challenge to not just write the same stuff each time.

The highlight of this episode by far was Nate and Brenda. They're unquestionably the center of this season, and the people I most want to watch. Their storyline this week addresses one of the major issues that was sort of lost in the gap between season four and five, and that's how has the spectre of Lisa affected Nate's relationship with Brenda. Back in season one, we saw her confront Lisa, comparing herself in terms of being Nate's partner, but here she is forced to consider what the effect of her taking over from Lisa as Maya's mother will have on her.

It happens nearly every week, but there was another great argument scene between Brenda and Nate. But, unlike most episodes, this one ends with a positive resolution. Nate apologizes, which he definitely needed to. Calling Maya 'my daughter' was just nasty, not that Brenda wasn't out of line in asking Maya about Lisa. I think Maya will probably be pretty confused when she grows up, considering all the crazy stuff that's gone on around her during her life. But, for now, things seem pretty good, Nate and Brenda have resolved their differences, and Nate has realized how important Brenda is to Maya. However, the question still remains of whether he sees her like he saw Lisa, someone he has to be with, not someone he wants to be with.

I thought they would use the dinner with Maggie to set up a dynamic where her and Nate connect, with Brenda left out, but instead that whole dinner is basically a device to let George bring up Hoyt. I'd have rather seen more development of Nate's relationship with Maggie.

Paralleling Brenda's need to create a narrative for Maya is David and Keith's decision to adopt Anthony despite the fact that he already has a narrative, and said narrative is not a good one. I'm glad that they finally got their kid, because every episode with them this year has been basically the same, and now something different can happen, as I'd imagine we find out that having kids isn't that easy. I'm guessing that David and Keith are going to be having a lot of problems, but that means more material for stories, so it works for me.

It's appropriate that as a show about death ends, it's all about people trying to create and foster life. This season, new life has become much more important than the recently deceased. In fact, the show has drifted so far from the funeral home as a central component that the death of the week being a major factor in this episode was a bit jarring.

The Rico plot had some interesting bits, but I'm not as interested in what's going on with him as what's up with Nate or Claire. His only really good episode this season was 'Hold My Hand' when he holed up in the hotel room with Illeana Douglas.

Claire's story was pretty solid this week as well. Leaving Billy like she did was wrong, and I'd guess that it's going to end up causing some problems down the line. The best scene was between her and Nate when he places things in perspective by comparing her to Maya, something that might give her a better understanding of her mother's position. I don't think it's entirely ridiculous to suggest she should get a job if she's not going to go to school. Claire's always been drifting, not sure what she wants to do, and here she again denigrates the one thing she's done that people really responded to, the photo collages.

So, things move forward. This wasn't the best episode, but it works to get us to a new phase in some of the plots and whatever's next. Only 7 episodes to go.

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