Saturday, March 10, 2007

Music Update

Upcoming Concerts

I'm back in New York for the next two weeks, on break from school, and it's going to be a big time for shows. I'll be happy when I graduate next year and can get to shows whenever they are, but for the past couple of years, I've been fortunate that there's been a lot of great shows in New York during my time off. Here's what I'll be going to:

3/10 - The Raveonettes @ Southpaw
3/11 - The Pipettes @ Luna Lounge
3/12 - Either The Raveonettes or Pipettes again
3/13 - Amy Winehouse/The Pipettes if I can get tickets
3/20 - The Colour @ Pianos
3/22 - North @ Sin-e
3/23 - Elysian Fields @ Joe's Pub

That's a lot of shows, my densest bunch yet, but it should be a lot of fun. The 3/22 show with North will feature a video backing designed by me. They played it at a show in January and apparently it went over well, so I'm eager to see my work in action. I'm heading out to The Raveonettes soon, and a review will follow.

Blog Critics Work

As part of my affiliation with Blog Critics, I've been getting a bunch of free CDs to review. I wrote up Amy Winehouse earlier this week, and I'm listening to The Colour right now. I also get the bonus of getting into the Colour show for free. It's a great setup for me, I'd write this stuff up anyway, so if I can get into places for free, that's a great bonus. The only issue is that there's so many people on the mailing list, most of the good stuff goes really quickly. I'd like to eventually get connected with these publicists for this site only, and have access to whatever I want to review.

Daft Punk Tour

The biggest news of the week for me was the announcement that Daft Punk will be doing a US tour this summer. Discovery is my all time favorite album, and I hear their live show is mindblowing. After hearing about the tour, I decided to watch a little bit of their Coachella set, and wound up watching the entire hour and twenty minutes on Youtube. The way they mix elements from all their songs, creating new compositions live is phenomenal. I'm not sure how much is actually done live and how much is prerecorded, but I'd enjoy just listening to their music really loud with other people who were into it, so hearing the live remixing is just a bonus. I've actually never been a techno show, so it'll be a fun experience. August 9th can't come fast enough.

New Tori Amos

This week we also got sneak peeks of two tracks off Tori Amos's new album. They both sound much better than anything off her last two albums, a bit edgier, more emotional. I love her first five albums or so, but I never really got into Scarlett's Walk or The Beekeeper. Maybe it's just I haven't listened to them as much, but they don't quite work. These new tracks sound right up there with the best she's done. 'Big Wheel' is a 70s style rolicking rock song, bringing back memories of 'God,' but with some Scissor Sisters in there. 'Bouncing Off Clouds' is more classic Tori, but with a bit of a trip hop feel, like a lighter Goldfrapp song. It's also great, and I'm curious if she can keep up this quality for the whole album. I'm pretty excited though, and I'd like to see her live when she tours around, perhaps even for free.


David Golding said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Tori samples! Listening now...

I love Scarlett's Walk and Beekeeper, which I think are the spiritual successors to Choirgirl Hotel---an album that took me a long time to like (years!). In fact, I got into Choirgirl just in time for Scarlett's Walk to come out---and then loved that straight away.

I was more ambivalent about Beekeeper when it came out, but the concert (and the subsequent official bootlegs) have now totally sold me on it.

David Golding said...

And here's a third sample: 'Secret Spell'.

Patrick said...

Choirgirl Hotel is second only to Under the Pink as my favorite Tori album. I particularly love the videos she did from that era. Both 'Spark' and 'Raspberry Swirl' are heavily Twin Peaks influenced, and great pieces in their own right.

I think part of what makes Scarlett's Walk and Beekeeper so tough for me to get into is that they're just so long. I've only listened to them each a few times, and it's tough to pick individual songs out when you're looking at 80 minutes of music. I'm going to try to fully familiarize myself with them before the new one comes out, but it's tough. I think she lost some of the edge of the early albums on those, went in a more adult contemporary direction, and I miss the rockier times of Under the Pink and Earthquakes.

The new songs, and album art, indicate that she's going back in an edgier direction for the new album. I'm eager to see what she does with the videos, I got the Fade to Red DVD compilation so I've seen her evolution over the years, and I'm not sure what the next step is.

Well, now it's time to check out this third song, see what it has to offer, thanks for the tip.

David Golding said...

Oh yeah, Scarlett's Walk is huge. I was listening to a lot of hip hop at the time, albums with lots of tracks, but a lot of them were very short, and often skits rather than songs. I couldn't believe that all Tori's tracks were songs and, like, over three minutes long! I listened to it in halves to get it in my head. I think that's worthwhile. It's largeness is part of part of its message.