Monday, May 07, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 3 #8: 'Karmageddon: Part 1: Tantrika'

‘Tantrika’ is a really complex issue, recalling ‘Arcadia’ in both form and content. After the surprise return of Division X in the storyline, we go way back to check in with Marquis de Sade. I like the fact that Grant takes the time to do this, it makes it feel like the characters have lives that go on outside the page, the Marquis said he was going to start this kind of commune, but in how many books would we actually bother to check in and see how it’s going?

It’s a new age, and that’s reflected in the method communication. No more handwritten letters for Edith, it’s e-mail now. On the first page, she describes the similarities between the lives of the elderly and magicians. In Pop Magic, Grant talks about how the way to develop a magical consciousness is to see meaning in coincidence, look for the messages that the world sends you about your life. Edith claims this is also the way the elderly view the world. I like the way she describes the passage of time as you standing still and the world changing around you. That’s definitely how I experience, it’s like I’m always still the same age, just the people below me get younger and younger....

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