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My Filmography

In connection with the previous post about my new film project, here's a trip through the past for those of you who've never seen my films before. I posted some of them before on this blog, but it's never a bad time to big yourself up, right? I'm going in reverse chronological order since, in general, I feel like they get better as they go on.

Universal Traveler:
May 2007
12 Minutes
Starring: Alicia Fuss, Matt Walsh, Abby Bader
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney


This was my senior thesis film at Wesleyan University. It focuses on Tori, a scientist trying to invent nanobots that will allow people to travel through time. But, things go disastrously awry when she encounters the Anti-Self! It's inspired by Morrison and Jack Kirby, and hopefully captures the pop excitement and big idea wonder of their works. It's my favorite of my own films.

Dream of Life
May 2007
6 Minutes
Starring: Lauren Katz
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert


A film that chronicles a life reflected in the moment of death. It's another high energy movie, silent, and chaotic in aesthetic. I really like this movie, the quality of images and energy it has, and not just because I made it. Give it a look!

All Goods Things
March 2007
27 Minutes
Starring: Alicia Fuss, Lauren Katz,Tom Macy, Jordan Rennert, Matt Walsh
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney


This is a very different film from the previous two. It's got no genre elements, the only film I've made with nothing supernatural. It's the portrait of Alex, a cynical, modern girl. This movie was my attempt to deal with the conservative/liberal divide in our society, and explore what makes so many people of my generation so cynical and unable to believe sincerely in stuff. It's the portrait of a "Daily Show liberal," someone who'll gladly mock the establishment, but doesn't really have anything to replace it with. It's a longer, messier film, but it's got a lot of moments I really love. Almost all the dialogue was improvised, and I think that gives the characters more unique voices than in my other movies.

Nepo - "Yer Warpin' Me"
August 2006
4 Minutes
Starring: Mike Nepo, Jordan Rennert
Concept/Directed by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert


This is a music video for Nepo. It's a short, odd tale of a man battling the establishment. This is notable for the use of a 35mm adaptor, which gives the piece a distinct look.

Victoria Rocks - "Champagne Saturday"
July 2006
4 Minutes
Starring: Victoria Levy, Johnny B.
Concept/Direction by Patrick Meaney


I did this video for Victoria Levy, the singer for industrial band Slick Idiot. It features a lot of experimental color correction effects, and further develops the chaotic handheld style I was using heavily at the time. I think it fits the song really well, there's a few shots I wish I could have done better, but it's a strong work.

The Perfect Dose
January 2006
21 Minutes
Starring: Bryan Kaplan, Angela McKain, Kelleigh Miller, Scott Tyler
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert


Another sci-fi project, this one focuses on a man with an elevated consciousness that plagues him like a virus. This is a movie I have mixed feelings about. It was the first time I worked with "pro" actors, people who weren't just my friends, and I was a bit intimidated. So, some of the stuff in this movie doesn't quite hold together. But, I love the ending, and its abstract stylings informed a lot of what was to come in my next work. The Dose taught me a lot of lessons. I think this review from Youtube sums it up best: "not as enlightening as i had hoped, but in the end it was only a movie. i enjoyed it very much so though! nicely done!"

Key 23
December 2005
5 Minutes
Starring: Abby Bader, Alicia Fuss
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney


This is a film about an experimental psychotopic drugs. I shot this movie in a day, on 16mm, with no crew but myself. Despite those limitations, it turned out as one of my favorite of my works. I think this is the most precise work I've done, and is the source of the style and motifs that would inform a lot of my recent work. The Alicia/Abby pair returned in Universal Traveler, this was the first of my "femme power" movies, and while I don't like the process of working with film, it does look great.

Do Unto Others
November 2005
3 Minutes
Starring: Alicia Fuss, Corey Davison
Directed/Edited by Patrick Meaney


Another 16mm project, I made this with two other guys from Wesleyan. It's another surreal reflection on life and death. It's a bit violent, but very stylish and I think quite successful. It was here that I met Alicia, who'd go on to appear in a whole bunch of my movies. If anyone's been my muse, she has, nailing it every time out even as I put her through a lot of weird stuff.

Ricky Frost
August 2005
35 Minutes
Starring: Steve Delitta, Lauren Katz, Jordan Rennert, Andrew Meehan
Written/Directed by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert

What happens when a young man finds out he's dying? This movie, that's what! This film is set in the same universe as All Good Things, and it's also a chronicle of ordinary life. I saw this movie shortly after I watched Fallen Angels for the first time, and it's more inspired by Wong Kar-Wai than anything else I've done. That shot above is the first example of the "Wong Kar-Wai shot," which I'd use on a lot of projects. This movie is a bit long, but it's got some really great moments, and I like the story it tells. It's a bit more traditionally narrative based than All Good Things, and depending on your preferences, that will make it either better or worse.

Tabula Rasa
May 2004
35 Minutes
Starring: Steve Deluca, Lauren Katz, Doug Hill
Written by Patrick Meaney, Jordan Rennert and Steve Deluca. Directed by Richard Spinelli


I'd made a few films before this, but this was the first that turned out well. It's an allegorical take on corporate societal influence. I didn't actually direct this one, but I influenced the vision a lot. It's a bit less frenetic than later films, but there's a power to the images that I like. This movie was made with a collective of my friends, many of whom pop up in later movies.

Well, that's it for the journey through my past films. Give them a look and please post any thoughts you've got. It's always great to hear feedback, positive or negative. And, if you dig the films, please pass them on to other people. And, for more info on all this, head over to my filmmaking site, Respect! Films.

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