Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Third Age

As you may or may not be aware, in addition to writing about stuff here, I do my own filmmaking. Right now, I'm working on my biggest film project to date, a webseries called The Third Age. Here's the basic info:

"The old age believed in magic, this age believes in science, but we are on the precipice of a third age, a fusion of everything that's come before." - Jerrod

The Third Age is a webseries about an ensemble of characters caught up in this fusion of magic and science, of people on the frontlines of the war to shape humanity's future. It begins with a ritual, the calling down of a spirit into a man, and from there goes on to chronicle an ever expanding web of lives caught up in a battle between gods.

The series is masterminded by me, Patrick Meaney, and Jordan Rennert. Our goal is to tell a story that uses science fiction as a way to explore the world we live in, and the conflicts that everyone faces. The gods in the story represent eternal forces that change humanity, progress, stasis, imprisonment and freedom. The story isn't so much about the larger conflict as it is about the individual lives affected in its wake.

Each episode of the series will be about five minutes, and a new one will be posted every two weeks. They'll be available as direct downloads, and on Youtube. It will run about a year before wrapping up the story. The project is going to deal with a lot of the same themes as the stuff I'm writing about on here. If you look down the tag list on the side, you'll see many of the inspirations: Grant Morrison, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, David Lynch, Wong Kar-Wai, though I'll be bringing some of my own energy to it as well. Take a look at the two teasers we've got so far:

Higher Quality Download

Higher Quality Download

If you want to keep up on the progress of the project, throw the Third Age Begins blog into your RSS reader. I'll be posting news updates there, and once the series starts, that'll be the first place to hear about new episodes being posted. And, if you've got your own blog/media outlet and would like a review copy sent to you, just let me know and I'll put you on the list.

And, if you want to delve back into my filmmaking history, head over to, where you can find all my previous works, or flip to the next post for a journey into the past.

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