Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Third Age: Episode Two - 'Static'

Thanks to everyone who checked out the first episode of the show last week. If you liked that one, press on with the exciting second episode! And, as always, I'd love to hear what you think. And, if you like the episode, please post on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/tell your friends. We're trying to build an audience and every little bit helps!

And, if you didn't see the last post, The Third Age is a weekly webseries that I created and showrun. It's a magical realist story, a modern reinterpretation of mythology that should appeal to people who like the kind of stuff I write about here. Give it a look!


suncore598 said...
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suncore598 said...


You were right. The second episode is better than the first.

It looks like Morning is becoming quite attached to Zinone and her father is trying to contact to her through visions and astral projection which is what I think that the thing was that made Zinone stopped the car.

Morning kind of reminds me of the mysterious John character from John from Cinnanti and Jerrod expresses a level of John Locke-like mysticism and charisma. I have a feeling he sees himself as a hero of humanity despite the fact he's holding the old man prisoner and telling his employees lies about him being a willing volunteer. Makes me wonder how far he will truly go to achieve his dream.

I also wonder if there's going to be any consequences resulting from Zinone finding out about the wire tap. Will the police come after him now that they have a recording of his voice and know who he is?

Patrick said...

John From Cincinnati is right on point, that was definitely an inspiration in both the character, and the cosmology of the show in general. Not to say that it's copied or ripped off, but that character type was in mind.

And, there will definitely be consequences of the wire tap, some of that start up next episode, but it really comes into play towards the end of season one. And in general, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the show, and am excited to hear what you've got to say about the next one!

JF said...

I liked the structure of this episode, with the crosscutting between the two story threads and expository flashbacks woven in. It could potentially seem unfocused, but you pull it off pretty well.

Patrick said...

Thanks! The crosscutting is definitely something that continues throughout the series, and I tried to come up with some techniques to link them together throughout, so it feels unified in mood at least, even if the narrative is split across multiple characters.