Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Third Age: Episode Eight - 'Hyperopia'

This week, The Third Age kicks into high gear. After completing her ritual with Morning, Holly knows what she has to do, but can she do it? And, Jerrod Woolf's vision reaches a critical point, thirty years of work and it's all lead to this!

If you're just joining us, The Third Age is a fantasy/sci-fi webseries that I produce/execute, you can check out all previous episodes here: http://watch.thethirdagebegins.com

More blog stuff will be happening this week, stay tuned!


suncore598 said...

What happened to Jerrod Wolfe? Did he snort up the drug that the guy and the strange woman had on the desk? What's going to happen to him?

I can see Chris has his skepticisms about the whole Morning is a God and Holly's mind trip thing but is willing to keep an open mind because of his special connection with Morning. The scene when he's standing outside looking at Morning shown that perfectly without words.

I had a cold feeling from Jerrod when he said "interesting" after seeing the guy who he gave a sample of his miracle drug on the floor with his hand in his mouth. Is the blood coming from him biting down on his hand? Or he trying to pull out his teeth?

I knew the strange woman's boss was the one who gave Jerrod the vision. But I'm wondering what's his endgame is. Whatever it is, I have a feeling it's going to be far from "divine" just like them.

I welcome the return of Chris's funny pot-smoking friend and I love the cliffhanger with the smoke grenade. Let me guess, the police tracked him down and now Chris and the others must find a way to get themselves out of the situation so they can look for Morning's father.

And I've been wondering where the Sophie character figures into this because I saw a Third Age trailer on YouTube and, unlike the others I've seen, there was a character named Sophie who Jerrod knew. Is she a part of the show? Or did you end up cutting her out?

Patrick said...

That's an astute eye on the Sophie stuff. Essentially, in the original conception of the story, our POV character for the whole Jerrod Woolf storyline was a character named Sophie, but after some troubles with the actress (not her fault, more legal stuff regarding SAG), we had to drop the character. So, there are a couple of days of Sophie material which we shot, which you can see in the original trailer. Some of what would have happened with the character was lost, but a lot of it was put on to the character of Mark, and in the end, it's probably for the best that she was left out, because it would have just complicated the story and everything is a lot more streamlined without her.

But, technically the 'Sophie' character exists now as the woman who Mark works with in Episodes 2 and 5, and she will return again.

As for the rest of the questions, we get some followup on the effects of his drug trip next week, but his part in the plan of the evil duo will take a while to become fully clear, not until Volume II.

You're right on target about a lot of stuff, but there's a couple of things you didn't predict quite right, as you'll see next week. I'm eager to hear what you've got to say on that one.

And, did you get my e-mail about your pitch from a few days ago? Let me know what you think.

JF said...

I liked this one more than the last one. While the metaphysics aren't really clicking with me, some of the stylistic choices are pretty cool.

suncore598 said...

Patrick, I got your email and I'm going to send you a message right at this moment. So keep your eyes open.

Patrick said...

There's less metaphysical stuff in the run of episodes that closes out the first volume, it's still there, but the plot stuff becomes a bit more central. So, stick with it.

And, I'll be on the lookout for that e-mail, I haven't seen anything yet.

suncore598 said...

Alright, now. Did you get it?

Anonymous said...

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