Friday, January 22, 2010

The Third Age: Episode Nine: 'Mission Control

A bit late on this one, but here's episode nine! Check it out and let me know what you think. Look for some more posts shortly.


suncore598 said...

Great action-packed opening and nice display of another one of Morning's strange powers.

I like the scene between Christopher and Holly. All this time I thought she had a thing for Christopher and it seems to be the other way around but by the looks of it, while Christopher may love Holly, Holly only loves Christopher as a friend and I think Christopher realizes this and is a bit hurt by it.

Jerrod is defintely going through a downward spiral after learning that the vision he had was probably a tool of manipulation wield by a pair of weird freaks and not a gift from the heavens given to him by the old man in his custody. Jerrod's depressed state reminds of how Locke was after the events of the Lockdown episode.

Is Jerrod going to continue his newly ignited drug addiction and how far is it going to go? Are you setting things up for Christopher and Holly to eventually end up together? Or is Morning destined to be Chrisotpher's soulmate? And if not Holly or Morning, will be any romantic love for Christopher in the future? Is this the last we are going to see Christopher's pot-smoking friend?

And I just sent you another message today after the last two.

Patrick said...

You're spot on with interpreting most of the episode. Next episode is a huge one for the Holly/Christopher/Morning stuff, and features another bit of action stuff. And, this won't be the last of Leo, he'll be back down the line, but not for a while.

And, I sent you an e-mail yesterday, if you didn't get it, let me know and I'll resend.