Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Third Age: Episode Ten: 'In Exile'

Here's the new episode of my webseries, The Third Age. This week, Holly, Zinone and Morning are on the run and facing a crossroads! Not all will make it 'In Exile.'

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, I was on vacation last week, but I'm back in the game this week and will have some new words for you shortly. In other news, I'm doing the final run through of my Invisibles book, Our Sentence is Up, and it will be on store shelves in mid February.


Suncore598 said...

So Holly and Morning are parting ways with Christopher. So sad. A part of me understands Holly and Morning's concerns while the other part of me feels for Christopher. I think Christopher has grown dependent on Morning's company. She makes him inspire to become a better person, someone special which is a feeling he hasn't felt for a long time before the beginning of the series. Will we see Holly and Morning again before the end of the first season? And the ending of the episode has me on the edge of my seat with the return of the strange woman. I have a feeling Christopher and Wolfe will have their first face-to-face meeting in the next episode.

On another note, I love the way you are structuring the season. Episodes 1-4 lay down the season's groundwork. Episodes 5-6 cover the calm before the storm. Episode 7 gets the ball rolling again for the season arc. Episode 8-9 have things heat up for the characters. Episode 10 seems to be the final push to the final three episodes which I have no doubt will be epic.

Patrick said...

Awesome, I'm glad you liked this one. You're right that this one is the start of what will be the finale, it's basically a four part story that brings everything together. And I don't think I mentioned it here yet, but we're putting the last two out as a double episode, because there's a lot of story there and there isn't a good break point in the story to split them up. So, it's a 15 minute or so finale.

The structure thing was definitely something we worked on for a while, it was always basically like this, but in editing, some scenes got shuffled around to keep things all thematically tied. So, the first few episodes are much more portentious and low key, and then it revs up as time passes. The second season is a totally different beast, and was much more of a challenge to structure, but hopefully it will work as well.