Monday, March 12, 2007

The Invisibles #20: 'How I Became Invisible'

As the series moves forward, you'll be hearing "This is one of my favorite issues" a lot. But, not here! This is a decent issue, but it's held back by the limited page count and general lack of charisma for Boy. She works fine as one of the group, but on her own, not so much. As the series moved forward, certain characters captivated Grant, infected his mind and demanded centerstage. That's what we got with King Mob and Robin in Volume II, but it never happened for Boy. Her journey actually took her out of the book, with the realization that her story was over before the overall story was. I think it was a fine arc, and she gets some good moments in Volume II, the foundation of which is laid here....

I've taken down my posts on The Invisibles because they're all coming out in book form. The book, Our Sentence is Up, features revised and expanded versions of each blog post, covering every issue of The Invisibles, plus an extensive interview with Morrison himself. Visit your local comic store and order a copy now!

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