Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Invisibles #21: 'Liverpool'

This issue follows up on 'London,' continuing the story of Dane's lonely times on the run from both sides. Unlike the other members of the cell, Dane never quite buys into The Invisibles' mission. He's too evolved for that, too aware of the false nature of their war. But, as this issue shows us, it's lonely in the middle, and, as he says later, he's on whichever side has the bread, he is. So, for this reason, and his fancying of Boy, he rejoins the team by the end....

I've taken down my posts on The Invisibles because they're all coming out in book form. The book, Our Sentence is Up, features revised and expanded versions of each blog post, covering every issue of The Invisibles, plus an extensive interview with Morrison himself. Visit your local comic store and order a copy now!

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