Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 2 #1: 'Black Science: Part I: Bangin'

This issue is a revelation, the series bursting out of its cocoon and emerging as a glamourous butterfly, ready to conquer the world. I don't just want all my fiction to be like this, I want my reality to be like this. Reading this issue again, I was just ecstatic, thoroughly enjoying everything here....

I've taken down my posts on The Invisibles because they're all coming out in book form. The book, Our Sentence is Up, features revised and expanded versions of each blog post, covering every issue of The Invisibles, plus an extensive interview with Morrison himself. Visit your local comic store and order a copy now!


RAB said...

I figured that stuff about Speed was just an illustration of how you can find whatever you're looking for wherever you choose to look. You can imagine Mason riffing on just about any movie the same way.

Mason on The Powerpuff Girls Movie: "The whole key to the film is the scene where the girls fight the giant gorilla robots, who represent our tendency to anthropomorphize technology and project our limitations onto it rather than transcending those limitations..."

Mason on Pee Wee's Big Adventure: "You can't understand this film until you recognize that the missing bicycle represents our quest to perceive the nature of reality as the intersection of two greater universes, a quest he only achieves in Hollywood, by recognizing and dismissing the consensual hallucination imposed on us by the mass media..."

Mason on The Matrix Revolutions: "...Okay, I have no idea what that was supposed to be about."

Patrick said...

Finally, I understand the true meaning of the Powerpuff Girls Movie. I'd definitely agree with you on that Speed scene, particularly in light of the way he talks about Independence Day in the next issue.

I'd be curious to see what the people in The Invisiblesverse thought of The Matrix. I think it's mentioned briefly in Volume III, though nothing too in depth.