Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 2 #13: 'American Death Camp: Part 3: Counting to Ten'

The highly challenging, difficult to enjoy ‘American Death Camp’ wraps up with an issue that clarifies a lot of what came before, and fits thematically, but leaves the viewer with the same frustration King Mob has. I think this is easily the best issue of the arc, but this is still one of the weaker arcs in the volume.

First off, it’s annoying that the speech bubbles on the cover aren’t reprinted in the trade. By cutting those out, we lose the entire point of the cover. The issue itself opens with Boy ready to assassinate King Mob. The idea of abaddon ties in with what we’ve heard many times before, chaos vs. order as incarnated in various gods. This is just one layer of it. I like how Grant transitions out of the scene by using the countdown in the caption....

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