Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 2 #15: 'The Philadelphia Experiment'

After the overture last issue, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ goes a bit more in depth, setting up the major issues at play in the Volume closing ‘Black Science II.’ There’s a lot of brilliant stuff in this issue, but it’s a bit restricted by the need to set up so many plot points.

We open with Takashi, now a total believer in the possibilities of the time machine. The opening instruction, “Imagine we could move in time the way we move in space” is all about creating in the reader this 4-D perception of time. Reading the series through this time, I see a lot of moments that seem designed to ease the reader into this view of time, and I’m totally following what he’s saying. But, I remember reading the series for the first time, it took me until the revelation of the time worm in 3.2 to fully understand this concept. I got that Robin could jump through different times, but I didn’t realize that they were all one until then. But, all these hits throughout the series are part of creating that mentality....

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