Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 2 #21: 'All Tomorrow's Parties'

‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ is one of the best issues of the entire series, and the most emotionally affecting. This one issue really makes me believe in King Mob and Robin’s relationship, it’s only when they must separate that they realize how special they are to each other. On top of this grand sadness, we get some great insights into Robin’s past, and some critical thematic stuff for the series as a whole. Not a bad haul for 22 pages.

We open with Robin’s hallucinogenic memories of different times, her entire life collapsed into a couple of pages. It’s interesting that Satan is one of the figures she sees, is she remembering him from what happened in ‘Arcadia’? That probably makes the most sense. I’m a bit confused about what Robin we’re seeing on the title page. I’d guess that this is Robin when she left the future and returned to 1988....

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