Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Invisibles Vol. 2 #22: 'The Tower'

The Volume closes with another masterpiece, that wraps up the loose ends of ‘Black Science 2’ and gives us a kind of resolution for the Volume’s central moral conflict. As something of a cleanup issue, this one isn’t normally hailed as a series highlight, but it is one for me. There’s a ton of great stuff here, Jack’s vision, the King Mob/Mason dialogue, and some final resolution for Boy. This is essentially the end of the line for the series we knew. Volume II was all about a tightly focused look at a small group of characters, and that’s why I love it. We get to know these people so well, and see the world through their eyes. Volume III, while great, is less intimate. I respect Volume III, but I love Volume II. The series was never as emotionally powerful as it was here, and without Robin, things just couldn’t be the same. Boy is gone, the team is fractured, this is the last time we’ll see them together, and it’s a nice farewell....

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